You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! Michael Mirdad

The five stages of the soul transformation process

This book will be an inspiration to anybody who has had a troublesome life. To anybody who is dealing with major issues that make you feel like you’re losing it. Michael Mirdad has a very simple message:

You’re not going crazy… you’re just waking up!

In his view of the soul transformation process there are five stages, which I think many people will recognize:

  1. Dismantling: when your life seems to be falling apart.
  2. Emptiness: when your emotions catch up with all the changes and you feel depressed and alone.
  3. Disorientation: when your mind tries to make sense of it all, and can not.
  4. Re-building: when hope comes into your life because things are starting to change.
  5. A new life in which you’ll probably be making new mistakes and get caught up in new illusions.

Dismantling, emptiness and disorientation

I’m not convinced these three are very distinct. I think it helps to split them up when talking about the soul transformation process, but I don’t think it’s very important to wonder in which of these three you are right now. Your life is disintegrating, which is confusing, disorientating and will leave you with a feeling of emptiness (or worse).

I think this is the reason that Mirdad says on page 4 that it’s also possible to split the process up in two: dismantling (which includes emptiness and disorientation) and rebuilding (which includes the ‘new life’).

Learning through reward is more effective than learning through pain.

– ACIM (A Course in Miracles)

Rebuilding and New Life

When you’ve left your negative emotions behind, conquered whatever it was you needed to conquer and surrendered that which needed to be let go – you will start rebuilding your life. This really never stops, so there is every reason to combine the ‘rebuilding’ and the ‘new life’ phase into one as Mirdad suggests on page 4.

The best line ever (quote):

Your soul is beginning to shake things up, question your reality, and guide you to a higher level of consciousness. To facilitate this transformation, however, your ego-based life first must be Dismantled. A New Life can then be rebuilt on a firmer, more secure foundation – a foundation in spirit. But, before you can reach the stage of the Soul Transformation Process referred to as “A New Life,” you will first feel like you’re losing your mind and the life you once knew. (p. xii)

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