Christian Christmas Books For Children

I did not think that being able to find Christian Christmas books for children would be a difficult task and yet the Christmas story is essential to the advent period. It was not an impossible feat but I was amazed that there were so few available for parents and grandparents to buy for children.

Oh, there are hundreds of books about the holiday for kids but there are fewer that are Christian based than I would have imagined. One can find lots of children’s books that tell the story of Santa, elves and a variety of other characters celebrating Christmas in various ways and in various places but when it comes to having story books for children that relate the story of the nativity in some way, the pickings were slim. I have made a list for you of five that I thought were especially good to share with a child.

Each of these books helps you and your family stick with the meaning of the season, not just the gifts and commercialism. It’s good for kids to be read to, and what better time to honor this tradition than around Christmas time? The books on this page each lend themselves to this practice.

Shown here: for small kids, God Gave Us Christmas

The Christmas Story

A good book for children from ages three to seven this book tells a simplified version of the first Christmas that children can understand. It it beautifully illustrated by Eloise Wilkin and is certain to be a book that your child or children will enjoy having read to them each Christmas season. The book has 24 pages so it will not take long to read it to a child.

Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale

I think that you will fall in love with this precious story the first time you pick it up and read it to a child. It is perfect for children of pre-school age up to about the 1st or 2nd grade. A kindly ox welcomes different animals into the stable and as the night wears on a tired donkey comes in with Joseph and Mary. It has a refrain that children will soon pick up on and begin to repeat to you. The delightful illustrations have a tiny bit of flocking or fuzzy feeling to them to add interest and there are also some dots that almost give the appearance of snow. A slightly different way to relate the Christmas story to children.

God Gave Us Christmas, by Lisa T. Bergren (Author), illustrated by David Hohn 

This is a sweet story that I think children will relate to. A little cub asks his family who invented Christmas as the family prepares for the special day. Just as any child does, once that question was answered there are more that follow. The story has the little cub going with his mother to find out more about the holiday. While his mother takes him around he sees instances of God at work and comes to the realization that Jesus was the best gift of all. The book is recommended for children who are three years old or older and is sure to become a favorite to many kids.

Do you have to deal with kids who just keep asking questions? This book uses that theme for the start of a journey a young polar bear goes on. It starts when he asks:

“Who invented Christmas?”

Mama’s answer leads to more questions of course, “Is God more important than Santa?” So the two of them head off on a polar expedition to find God and to see how he gave them Christmas. As they travel they find signs that God is at work everywhere. Mama bear is a good Christian bear, so Little Cub learns about the very first Christmas and discovers that Jesus is the best present of all.

A story that will help your child appreciate the spiritual meaning of Christmas, while keeping the mystery alive and learning that God loves them.

The Story of Christmas

Using the text from the King James Bible the book tells the story of the birth of Jesus. It is the illustration that is remarkable in this book. Displayed on black pages the images were originally done with a scissor cutting technique and then watercolor applied. The art is just breathtaking! This is a book that will both awe and inspire the smallest child in the family up to the oldest member.

The Christmas Baby

A nice little book to introduce the story of the birth of Jesus to a child. They hear about when the baby was born to Mary and Joseph that angels sang and kings traveled far to greet the baby and then the story explains to children that when they were born there was also a celebration by their family because every baby is a miracle.

Legend of the Christmas Stocking – Age Level: 4 and up | Grade Level: Pre-school and up

Set in the late 19th century this story is classic in it’s themes: a 12 year old boy Peter sells newspapers to support his family while his dad is at sea. He’s saving up for a model ship when the shop owner tells him about Saint Nicholas, whose generosity started the Christmas Stockings tradition.

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